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About Ufulu F.M

UFULU FM is a privately owned radio station that is people centred. The station has an obligation through its programming to be a platform to shape brilliant, socioeconomically empowered communities whose people can encourage and provide role models to future generations. UFULU FM aims to educate, inform and entertain its listeners. UFULU FM has been operational from January 2014.


A cross section and mixture of programmes are broadcast to cater to our target audience. 90 % of our programs are in Chichewa with the remaining percentage being distributed to English and a bit of Yao and Tumbuka languages. With a team of experienced and award winning presenters mixed with fresh new talent on the broadcasting scene, we guarantee nothing but the best.

Featured Programs


A program for both men and women. This is an interactive program which tackles everyday society issues: from education, domestic workers to family matters. Listeners send in their problems or what they are going through to the program through sms or letters and a panel discussion is done. Listeners send in their advice as well through phone ins and text messages.

Tuesday & Thursday: 2 pm – 4 pm


This show encompasses everything that the listeners needs as they are going back to their respective homes. News from African Continent, Weather Bulletin, Road Safety Tips and a lot more. With a mixture of all your favourite hits infused with great humour and it is a show that puts a big smile on the listeners face.

 Monday – Friday: 5 pm – 6 pm

M'chikumbe Number 1

Knowing that agriculture is the main contributing factor to our economy, we developed and dedicated this program to the farmer. Although agriculture is also covered in some of the programs throughout the week’s schedule, this show dwells on all aspect of agriculture like animal husbandry, Irrigation farming etc., with a mixture of tips and music and great interaction with farmers across the country.

Tuesday’s & Thursday’s: 1:15 Pm – 2 am

Amayi Takatani

All women across the country converge at this time to interact and share ideas, challenges and gains from their experiences during their day to day trade. From the lady that sells Matemba on the side of the road, to the one running a full-fledged grocery store, from the female farmer to the woman in the office, this program is aimed at reaching out to all women in Malawi with the aim of encouraging them to understand their role and contribution to society and the development of the country. It is a forum for women to interact, share business and personal achievements while having a great time.

 Monday’s & Wednesday’s : 2 pm – 4 pm



UFULU FM is a privately owned radio station that is people centred. 

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