Company Profile

UFULU FM is a privately owned radio station that is people centred. The station has an obligation through its programming to be a platform to shape brilliant, socioeconomically empowered communities whose people can encourage and provide role models to future generations. UFULU FM aims to educate, inform and entertain its listeners. UFULU FM has been operational from January 2014.


UFULU FM aims to orient and stimulate primarily local Malawian minds towards socio economic development principles in everyday business and promote cross breeding of ideas
locally and internationally. Our mission is to encourage the concept of ‘participatory development in our communities’


UFULU FM is an equal opportunity employer; hence women, the youth, the physically challenged and the disadvantaged are given employment opportunities and treated as equals.
The channel trains its staff extensively to meet the demands of our listeners as reflected in
communication for development theories.


UFULU FM puts emphasis and much focus on development radio programming. Our primary target audience is the rural masses and people living in peri-urban areas. The station is geared towards inclusive decision making in programming. This means the station produces programme content as dictated by the masses and intended target audience. Breaking news is the centre of UFULU FM with news every hour on the hour. Apart from breaking news, the station does an in-depth analysis of issues at hand. We follow news and current affairs to the latter. The station is not a platform for one political view but balance and gives equal time to all political parties and groupings.